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General terms and conditions for customers


1. Purchase order basic requirements
Customer´s purchase order must indicate Sokar Mechanics´ offer number and date. It should also be identified by a unique ID and it must be properly dated and signed by the customer.

2. Purchase order acceptance
All purchase orders must be expressly accepted by Sokar Mechanics´ CEO´s signature and stamp. Those purchase orders lacking this expressed acceptance will not be valid in any way.

3. Obligations scope
Sokar Mechanics commits to honor only those terms expressly mentioned in the accepted purchase order.

4. Later changes
Any change or alteration of the purchase order agreed between the customer and Sokar Mechanics, must be written in a new document that abides by all aforementioned terms.

5. Delivery conditions
If not expressed otherwise in the purchase order, Sokar Mechanics will deliver the product under ex-works conditions.

6. Exception to delivery deadline
If the customer fails to deliver to Sokar Mechanics any materials, technical documentation or other item required for production, Sokar Mechanics reserves the right to delay delivery deadlines on a pari passu basis.

7. Delivery note
Unless the customer demands otherwise, delivery notes will not show any price.

8. Return policy
Sokar Mechanics will accept claims for production items not complying with customer´s sent specifications (drawings and standard regulations) only for two weeks after delivery. Once this period has elapsed, production will be regarded as compliant and therefore accepted by the customer.

All production items regarded by the customer as non-compliant with sent specifications must be returned to Sokar Mechanics along with the Return shipping report for Non-Compliance items (downloadable in http://sokarmechanics.es/info/) properly filled in, within 14 days after delivery. Sokar Mechanics will then analyze the claim and determine if the items may be repaired. If not, Sokar Mechanics will be in charge of turning the items into scrap metal.

If the customer does not return the items along with the aforementioned report, Sokar Mechanics will not be able to analyze the claim and therefore will regard the items as compliant and accepted by the customer.

9. Invoices issue rate
Unless agreed otherwise, Sokar Mechanics will be entitled to send to the customer as many invoices as delivery notes have been issued. Invoices will be sent exclusively by email.

10. Past due invoices
Sokar Mechanics reserves the right to not deliver any items to the customer as long as there are any invoices pending payment. This delay in deliveries will always be imputable to the customer and will never mean that Sokar Mechanics is failing to fulfill the purchase order.

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